Fixture: Harvey Bears V Silver Foxes

Date: Wednesday 14th February

Match Official: Rhys Buck

14th of February was a big day! Not very many fixtures to played down The Dome this Wednesday…was this because all our Wednesday Night players are all big romancers? Or would they blame it on the Champions League game? We may never find out…

The big game tonight was not Liverpool V Porto, down The Dome we had the mighty Harvey Bears face off against The Silver Foxes. We also have the valiant return of one of our long serving refs – Rhys Buck and he got the game off to a prompt start.

Chris Evans, a new signing for The Bears a transfer from the ‘retired’ team The Gerry Hat tricks, had the opening attempt of the night for The Bears from the halfway line but nothing came of the move.

The Bears adamant to get on the score card first sees Ste Caples with the next effort and he walks around the prostrate keeper, Tony Robinson and scores the opening goal. Evans then makes amends for his earlier miss, scoring from the edge of the box to make it 2-0.

The Foxes tails are ruffled! Paul McKenzie is the first fox to see the goal, but is denied by a deflection from Nev Howson, which took it wide of the goal and back into open play. Jeff Mitchell had a shot for The Foxes which rebounded off the back boards and right back into The Bears possession. Caples then fired a thunderous shot, which flew into Robinsons left hand corner and it is now 3-0. Tony Fitzsimmons (HB) had his first shot of the game but the keeper easily pushed out to his right hand side. Evans scored his second goal of the night, coming inside from the left wing and we witnessed another thunderbolt and it's 4-0.

George Wooton, The Foxes nominated player manager, continued to encourage his team, barking encouragement and orders to them throughout. This seemed to bear fruit as Mitchell won the ball from the halfway mark, took it forward, and put his shot under the diving Roger, to pull the deficit back to 3 goals. A loose pass from HB then saw Mitchell gain possession, he passes to Jones, only to see his attempt saved and it goes high for a free kick.

Howson then attacks down the wing, comes inside, shoots and Robinson saves the shot. The move of the night then took place with Frank Brennan, with a megs on George Wooton, with shouts of approval from the touchline. Ian Turner followed this up with a shot for The Bears from the centre of the pitch, only for the ball to come off the boards again. Brennan then moved forwards down the right wing, but his tame effort was easily saved by the keeper. Dave Jones, then took his life into his own hands, with a tremendous shot, which hit the referee Rhys from all of a yard away from him (by accident), Rhys recovered quickly and shortly after, blew up for half time and its 4-1 to Harvey Bears.

Fitzsimmons started the second half with a fizzing shot from halfway, only to see Robinson save with his left hand. Mitchell, cleverly played a one two to himself of the boards, and he scores from the resulting shot and it's now 4-2. Turner had an attempt on goal which was well saved. Caples had a shot which came off the keeper straight back to him and he slots home the second attempt and restored the 3 goal cushion. It was Caples again, involved in the next goal, where he passed to Fitsimmons and his attempt went into the far post and it's now 6-2.

The laugh of the night then occurred, when The Bears won a free kick in front of the capacity audience of 4, Wooton stood in front of the ball, and in anticipation of it being taken, he kicked the ball to the other end of the pitch, thankfully, Reece saw the funny side of it also, and took no action against Wooton.

Mitchell, then had an attack for The Foxes and just as he was about to 'pull the trigger', Turner, took the ball of his toes, to prevent the shot. Mitchell on fire and on the ball had another shot only for it to be saved well by Roger. Jones eager to level the tekkers playing field - got Brennan back for his earlier megs on his team mate, doing the same to Brennan. Evans scored again with his effort going in off Wooton to make it 7-2. The Foxes developing some accuracy with their skills, seemed to make 'another game' when it was Mitchell who gracefully slotted the ball through Brennan’s poor stance. This mini Nutmeg competition seen The Foxes have some glory, with a 2-1win.

Caples then gained possession, took it forward, and the keeper anticipating a shot, dived, only to see Caples 'dink' it over the prone keeper and it's 8-2. Thje Foxes are no longer bright eyed and bushy tailed as fatigue sets in. The Bears utilize their opponents tiredness and score another 2 goals from Evans, into the corner of the goal and Caples to make it 10-2. The last action of the night saw Wooton's valentines hopes go up in flames, as he is hit in the midriff from a hard shot from another fellow Fox!

The game finishes at 10-2 to Harvey Bears and the MOM goes to Ste Caples.

Date: Monday 27th December 2017

Fixture: Hakuna Juan Mata V Xavi Dodgers

Hakuna Juan Mata and Xavi dodgers not only battling over the 3 points up for grabs, but also high in demand goal keeper Ale Reid! HJM draft in Pete Hindley this week as their last minute keeper.

Sarah Christmas our games official for this evening’s fixture gets the game underway quickly and her first whistle blow of the evening is a height offence, Alex Greggory takes the free kick for Xavi Dodgers. A simple pass to Dave McEntee who is in an eye shot of the goal, but this one is a near miss. A return to play and Xavi are still in possession, a combination play of Greggory and MCEntee again sees Xavi get the first goal of the game!

CJ Sutton for Hakuna, goes on the counter attack applying pressure and gets the first shot off for his team – but is denied with a miss hit. A foul sees the second free kick of the game again to Xavi, a quick shot by Greggory but Hindley prevents with a cracking save. 5 minutes in and Gregory limps off the pitch with an ankle injury in need of some ice!

Whistle blows to restart the game Adrian Bennett has the ball and shoots for HJM but it comes off the back boards and back into play. Josh Walters then has an attempt for XD but his effort also comes off the boards and goes high for a free kick to HJM. Liam Power for Xavi has a shot from the right wing – it pings into the right hand corner of Hindley's goal and it's 2-0 to Xavi Dodgers.

With a two goal advantage Xavi are still pushing forward and have another attempt with Josh Walters passing to McEntee , who plays it back to Walters, who shoots, But the whistle blows for height. Bennett and Dominic Randles for HJM, have an attmpt each in the next few minutes but are denied a chance to get on that goal scorers sheet.

Jack Canner springs into action with a swift attack down the left wing, his eyes firmly on goal, shoots and scores. Making that gap a little closer 2-1 to Xavi. Back to the middle and a quick response from XD sees them regaining the two goal advantage thanks to a goal from McEntee with a solid shot that gave Hindley no chance. It is now 3-1 to XD. The deficit is quickly reduced by HJM with Randles scoring with a cheeky nutmeg past Scott Elliott, who is guesting in goal for XD. Sutton, using Canners previous path to success, attacks down the left wing and sees his toe poke go into the net to make the scores level at 3-3.

Sutton hungry for the lead has another quick shot – but is unlucky. Xaxi reclaiming possession Walters is then unlucky seeing his effort come back off the post. Randles then wins a tackle in the centre of the pitch, puts him one on one with the keeper but his shot is saved. Bennett on the ball, with a slick back heel pass to Canner but the move comes to nothing. McEntee intercepts a wayward pass shoots and misses the target. HJM get a head as Sutton attacks, a smooth pass to Bennett and he puts the ball past Elliott to make it 4-3.

Only 13 minutes left of play and we see a drastic change as Hindley swaps his gloves with Bennett for HJM. Will this be a game changer and shake up HJM goal scoring opportunity? Bennett is immediately called into action, with a shot from McEntee, which he pushes around the post. Eager to get another goal ahead Bennett  passes the ball out to Hindley, he turns and has a shot which comes off the back of the keeper, but a rapid recovery prevents the ball going in. Tennis like play then sees Walters have another shot for XD. Xavi seem to be getting on top of the game now, Bennett is being resolute in goal, but can HJM hold on?

Not for much longer they can't! Elliott passes the ball out to Walters, a sharp turn, runs on,  shoots and scores  from the edge of the box to make it 4-4. Game on! Sutton then has a miss hit shot saved by Elliott. An accurate eye and the Ref sees Gregory’s foot for area infringement! HJM have the penalty and a chance for the lead again but Sutton is denied by Elliot with a calm and collected save! The ball fires up the other end of the pitch to Walters in an advantageous position, counter attacks  to make it 5-4.

The clock is ticking – Sutton tries to redeem himself with a skimmer but its goes straight to Elliot’s save hands. Shortly after, XD scores another goal with a cracking effort from McEntee from the halfway line. It's now 6-4 to Xavi. Randles quickly pulls his team back into the game with a good effort from the left wing, but the final seconds are on the clock. The last attempt of the game goes to McEntee but it's another effort that goes high.

The final whistle blows and it's 6-5 to Xavi Dodgers. Man of the Match is awarded to Dave Mcentee for his excellent contribution throughout the game. An excellent battle and an exciting game! 

Date: 20th December 2017

Fixture: Hakuna Juan Mata V Paris Ganja Man

Tonight we seen Hakuna Juan Mata get their season started with an immediate uphill battle against last seasons league champions Paris Ganja Man. Already a strenuous game in hand, the task got even tougher as only 2 players were on the field for kick off! CJ Sutton and Adrian Bennett stood alone against a strong PGM squad. A rapid helping hand from some last minute draft in players seen Ale Reid step up for the keeper position with Ste Ryan and Kieran Jones playing outfield.

A steady pace to start our 30 minute game with not much action as both teams seemed to ease into it. Karl Barker (PGM) who holds the golden boot from last season, had the first shot of the game but was denied by Bennett (HJM). CJ Sutton was on the ball, he intercepted a bad pass, with a quick takeover of possession and on the counter attack Sutton gets the first goal of the game! 1-0 to Hakuna Juan Mata.

Aaron Cairns (PGM) stopped Bennett’s (HJM) first goal scoring opportunity, keeping the score down. Barker then had a couple of chances, the first going over the height line and the second from the halfway line was blocked by Sutton. A simple 1:2 play with Barker and Cairns gets past the defenders and the ball goes straight past the keeper into the right hand post, score is 1-1.

HJM quickly regained their advantage, with a nice nutmeg by Sutton, he passes to Bennett who returns it, Sutton shoots and scores! 2-1 to HJM.

Ale Reid has possession of the ball, but a fumbled pass out sees it go to Barker’s feet, clinical in his finish, and the game is level again at 2-2.

HJM quickly, once again, establish their lead with a prompt response and Sutton gets an early hat-trick to make it 3-2. Cairns then had a hard shot saved by the face of Reid, she doesn't flinch from anything, and has to be admired for her bravery. Bennett with a danger pass across his own area and is intercepted by PGM but the shot is missed.  Barker then has a shot from the right edge of the box and it is successful and it's now 3-3.

A good game of goals and an even match so far. Which way is this game going to go? To the underdogs or the champions?

PGM seem to be taking a stranglehold of the game after 10 minutes, and following a good interchange of passes it’s Barker, once again, with a shot that is saved by Reid’s quick hands. HJM are staying in the game thanks to them putting their bodies in the way of the shots, with Reid also playing her part with a number of good saves. Dillon Power then comes into the game and scores to make it 4-3 to PGM. Cairns then sees a strong shot go high, Power then plays the ball off the boards to Cairns, but to his dismay his shot blocked again by the tenacious HJM. A shot by Cairns after 18 minutes sees PGM go further ahead, quickly followed by a further goal for Barker from the halfway line to make it 6-3.

Ste Ryan (HJM) then makes a great pass from the left back position to Sutton, but to no avail. Barker is in possession playing the pass to Karl Graham who passes to Randle's for another goal and it's now 7-3. 

Zak Clark, showing off some trekkers scores a back heel into the right corner of Reid's goal to make it 8-3. Is there any way of HJM coming back into this game now, whilst appearing to be wilting, they have the next shot with Bennett passing to Ryan but he shoots high. Barker then has a thunderous shot saved by Reid and she isn't so lucky with the next shot which goes into in. Reid doesn't seem have much protection in front of her now as fatigue sets in for the outfield HJM, they appear to have let their heads drop.  Clark (PGM) has a shot, it comes back out to Graham and he scores and it's now 10-3 to PGM. The last shot of the game goes to Graham but he sees it saved by Reid.

The final whistle is blown by Phil Smith and it ends PGM 10 - 3 HJM. MOM goes to Karl Barker.

Sorry, but I took an extended break after Christmas, I am back now!!!! And its great to be back!

First game back to commentate was for our Masters League Frozen Crown were  pitched against Silver Foxes . The Foxes missing their goal scorer Gordon Leyland, without  their normal line up they already have an uphill battle, but they start level, and football can be a funny game! Geoff  Mowbray was our match official for tonight’s game.

The Foxes wanting to make an impression and a quick start with a shot from Jeff Mitchell, in the first 30 seconds! Unfortunately, it went high. For the opposition Jamie Norris had a shot which went wide, but fortunately John Madden was able to intercept the wayward shot. Madden in possession for The Foxes but another shot off target.

Madden found himself in a good position again but his attempt went high off the keeper Tony Robinson. Steve Boyd had the next effort on goal for Frozen Crown and a deflection off a defender left the keeper motionless, and it's 1-0 to Frozen Crown.

Robinson came out to the edge of his area to narrow down Maddens options, only for him to pass it to Boyd, who scores into an empty net and it's 2-0. FC were becoming dominant now and Boyd had a shot from the right hand side which Robinson saved well with his left hand, the ball goes out to Steve Renshaw, he sells a dummy to the keeper, and whilst he is on the floor, passes across to Norris who slots it home to make it 3-0. Norris then kept up the pressure on the next attack, crossing to Madden, on the edge of the box and it's 4-0. Frozen Crown, are alternating their keepers tonight, as they don't have a proven keeper, but they haven't conceded yet. Madden goes in and Billy Lawlor comes out. Paul McKenzie has a rare attempt for The Foxes but it goes high off Boyd. Robinson has the ball for The Foxes  but a poor pass out sees it go straight to Renshaw, who capitalizes on the error with a goal, it's now 5-0 and SF have a massive task on their hands as they struggle to get out of their own half.

Boyd  for Frozen Crown, has possession again, and passes inside to Lawlor, and another deflected shot goes into the net to make it 6-0. Another rare chance for The Foxes  goes to Mitchell, only to see his effort go high. It's normal service next , with Boyd attacking down the left wing, he comes inside and puts his shot under the diving keeper to make it 7-0 at half time.

Ben O'Donnell passes to Renshaw within 30 seconds of the restart and it's 8-0. Madden then hit the post with a good effort, this is quickly followed by another goal for FC from Norris on the right hand side and at a tight angle.

The Foxes finally get a reward for their valiant efforts with a goal from the halfway mark thanks to Mitchell, too little too late though I'm afraid, 9-1. Madden scores the next goal from the left wing and into the corner of the goal to restore the 9 goal advantage. This is quickly reduced again, with an effort, again from the halfway mark from Mitchell after collecting a pass from George Woolton, it's now 10-2. McKenzie then had a rasping shot which Madden, in goal for FC didn't even move, only for it to hit the upright and back into play. It's Renshaw again, with the next goal with a shot from the edge of the area 11-2.

Lawlor then has a shot which is saved but rebounds to the feet of Renshaw and he scores again, and it's now 12-2. Mitchell has a shot straight from the kick off, but the keeper was alert to it and he saves it. The SF are playing deeper and deeper and are inviting all of the pressure onto themselves, as they tire, having no subs tonight. Lawlor has a shot but it is well saved by Robinson, then there is a fine exchange of passes between Madden, Norris and O'Donnell only for the move come to nothing. Lawlor then scores a disputed goal, intercepting the ball from on the line of the penalty area, to make it 13-2, and it was the correct decision by Geoff.

Mitchell then has a couple of shots, but both come to nothing as both are saved by the now keeper for FC Renshaw. O'Donnell then shoots, the keeper gets his left hand to it, but can't keep it out and it's 14-2

Monday 18th December

Fixture: Xavi Dodgers V Karuis2Glory

This game featured Xavi Dodgers against Karius2Glory, the match official for this evening  was Wayne Harold.

Xavi Dodgers kicked the game off and had the first attempt thanks to newly signed , Josh Walters which was saved by Liam Warham, who was playing in goal tonight for K2G. Xavi had a quick response with an effort from Dave McEntee which came out to Danny Power who scored with his first attempt on goal.

Walters wanting possession back won a tackle against Adrian Bottley, and advanced to score and make it 2-0 early on. It was quickly 3-0 thanks to an effort from the right hand side from McEntee. McEntee on the ball again and in sight of goal but it was an unfortunate miss, it was followed up by Walters, but he also missed.

Bottley had the first attempt for K2G only for Ale Reid to save it easily. Scott Elliott had another quick follow up but Reid denies them a second time. Danny Power, with his back to goal passed the ball back to McEntee shot and scored to make it 4-0.

Kieran Jones, guesting for Xavi then saw his first shot go high, thanks to a deflection off Scott Elliott. Walters rocket of a shot go in and it's an easy 5-0 lead for Xavi. Scott pulled one back with the ball sliding in on Reid's right hand side and it's 5-1 with 9 minutes gone. Power was unlucky, when his strike hit the inside of the post and came back into play. The rules of Soccer Dome goals are no sound no goal! Power then won the ball in the corner of the pitch, passed it inside to McEntee who put the ball away and it's 6-1. Walters then saw two shots in quick succession saved by the groin area of Liam, which caused him some pain, but he saved them! Jones was luckier, when his hard shot went in to make it 7-1.

Changing the line up Ste Sendall then replaced Liam in goal for K2G. Sendall didn't last too long on the pitch though as he disputed a refereeing decision with Wayne, who initially sent him off for two minutes but due to a lack of self control, it ended up being a six minute sending off. This resulted in Liam going back into goal, but his team were now down to four men. Warham was in action quickly when he saved with his groin and was left in agony once again.

Power then picked the ball up and thanks to a rebound from his original shot he scores his second goal of the game. Elliott then saw his effort go high again. Botley was more successful with his attempt from the halfway area, going in off the left hand post and it's 8-2. McEntee scored a quick couple of goals, one from the right and another from the left, 10-2. Power followed this up with his hat trick. Jay Caine then passed the ball into Elliott who reduced the deficit to eight goals. Power wrapped up his scoring for the night with an attempt from the right hand side. Caine then scored a good goal, that Reid was expecting to go to her left but he placed it right, and it's now 12-4. McEntee then scored a further hat trick of goals with efforts from the right, the halfway line and running on to the ball, for the game to finish 15-4 to XD. MOM went to McEntee for his eight goals.

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