Soccer School & Holiday Club

Is your child football crazy? No matter what age or ability we have football coaching every day of the week! Covering the ages 3-14 years we provide evening and weekend sessions throughout term time for just £4 per session. No pre-booking required just turn up and play! 

Our Philosophy

Football is deep rooted in all our DNA – player’s, manager’s and spectators alike. The passion and love of this Sport is ever growing and the dynamics of the game are ever evolving.  Our job as grass roots coaches to the next generation of footballer is to provide a structured curriculum. One that offers an all-round education on and off the pitch; developing fundamental physical skills and theoretical knowledge. 

With the careful blend of a dedicated coaching team (with the collective coaching experience of 40+ years and a Sports Scientist BSC) and the FA 4 corner model, we are confident in finding that delicate balance of teaching all those fundamental football skills whilst nurturing each players individual natural flare. Carefully over the past 5 years our coaching team has developed an outstanding program, so any child any age and ability can attend our sessions.    

With a warm friendly community atmosphere everyone is welcomed with a smile and everyone walks back out of our door feeling like part of The Soccer Dome Family.

Soccer Tiny Tots (18 months+)

Tiny Tots

 A fun and interactive way to give your little ones a basic introduction to football and getting them active too. In these sessions we aim to learn through imaginative play whilst focusing on early years cognitive and physical development. Adult participation is an essential part of these sessions to help with confidence building and reassurance for those little ones. With loads of fun games in a safe secure environment and child friendly equipment this is a fantastic way to get your little on active and begin that football journey too. And as a treat for the adults getting actively involved you guys get a half time hot drink for free!

We look at skills such as:
  • Coordination and balance 
  •  Socialising in small and big groups 
  •  Basic ball control skills

Wednesday 10-11am

Extra sessions coming soon*

Soccer Tots (3-6 years)

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The perfect introduction to football and progression to our 'Tiny Tots' session! With a fun laid back and friendly atmosphere all our football skills are taught through short and simple fun games that are guaranteed to capture the imagination of each and every child. Keeping fun fun at the heart of all our games we create the best atmosphere to encourage all those little feet to progress at their own individual pace. For those children that are a little nervous at first we allow a free flow pitch were parents can join in or support their little one through the games as part of the settling in process. 

We look at skills such as:
  • Coordination and balance 
  • Listening and communication 
  • Confidence building 
  • Basic dribbling, passing and shooting

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-5pm

Saturday & Sunday 10-11am

Soccer Juniors (6+ years)

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The next step in our coaching program is our Junior session. Taking the children to the next level, here we adopt a more drill like style opening up a more varied range of games. Building on those basics of ball control we incorporate a more focused approach to all the important fundamentals of football passing, shooting, dribbling and decision making. During this session you will hear coaches adopting football terminology during explanations and demonstrations.   

We look at skills such as:
  • Agility and footwork 
  • Mastering the techniques of dribbling, passing and shooting. 
  • Attacking and defensive play 
  • Decision making Basics of possession

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5-6pm

Wednesday 4-5pm

Saturday & Sunday 10-11am

Soccer Seniors (9+ years)

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Our Senior session is our advanced coaching session aimed at those experienced players who are looking to expand their theoretical knowledge of the game and learn how to apply that to match play. By breaking the game down into smaller sections we have a more concentrated application of the game. We use these smaller sections as the building blocks to give players the full knowledge of the 11 a side game, creating players that are ready for the challenge of open age football or the next step in their competitive career. 

We look at skills such as:
  • Positioning and formation 
  • Tactics and strategies 
  • Offside 
  • Movement on and off the ball 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Linking play

Saturday & Sunday 10-11am

All our coaching sessions are £4 no pre booking required just turn up and play!


tiny tots (18 months+)

Tots (3-6 years)

Juniors (6+ years)

seniors (9+ years)