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You know the score and know what time of the week it is! It’s your favourite time of the week were anything less than banter and laughs is not accepted.

So in a week where two royals have removed themselves from the monarchy and Liverpool are still 16 points clear at the top of The Premier League, we thought it was only fair that we gave you two fantastic blogs from our Monday League.

First up is ABCDE FC against Parkfield Legends, and no it’s not the Jackson 5 before you ask. Now ABCD are having the season of their lives and literally love life at the minute, basically nothing is stopping them and by looks of things nothing is going to stop them! (Do we hear a Queen Song in order?) Their opponents tonight are Parkfield legends, now due to injuries they haven’t got off to the best of starts but with some new recruits are looking like a promising team that could make some noise in the second half of the season, especially after showing some fantastic potential In their brilliant 8-5 win over The Soccer Dome.  

The game kicked off both teams on level pegs both equally as strong in their battles and both teams putting away some superb shots. Within the first 5 mins Parkfield went 1 up with a fantastic shot by Wright, but ABCD soon answered with a wonder strike by Metcalfe. Adam Jones quickly doubled their goals, now 2-1 to ABCD. Disaster hit Parkfield as their keeper comes out the area to save the ball giving away a clumsy clumsy penalty. However to park fields luck the pressure hit Jones hard as the penalty is saved. Skillen weaved through all Park fields players like this was natural, and bagged himself a well-deserved goal, 3-1. Wright got his tally up to 2 in another powerful and excellent finish. He’s certainly showing that he is the Ian Wright of this team! Bit of a miss map happened by Parkfield box, resulting in a foul on an ABCD player, but with Fantastic tactics they took a quick free kick which resulted in a goal, it’s now 4-2 to ABCD. An Adam Jones wonder strike (which was getting saved by the keeper) takes a deflection from a Parkfield defender and swerves into the bottom left corner; it’s now 5-2. The last 10 mins sees Parkfield battling as if their lives depended on it but with 2 more ABCD goals now making it 7-2 all Parkfield could get out the game now was 2 more consolation goals from Wright and Varty. Where’s Jamie Vardy when you need him ey?

MOM goes to the outstanding Shaun Skillen, with a surname so fitting to how he played it’s a well-deserved MOM too.

Stay tuned for our Division 1 blog

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