Out of Breath

Manager: Jeff (Pumpkin) James

Another long serving team lead by Jeffrey James. With committed players these guys know how to play as a team! A great team for passing and breaking down the opposition. Out of Breath won the league in the 2016/17 season, but the 2017 seen a struggle for players meaning they lost out on regaining that top spot and falling runners up. They now have a solid and commited 5 and are looking regain that title. These guys now very rarely only have the basic 5 players. With a bit of wiggle room and a sub these guys can keep going throughout the whole 40 minutes going all out throughout the game. These guys know how to play and with a strong forward player that can score from anywhere, they are definitely ones to watch out for! currently 3 points behind Park Road Vets we feel they have the best chance to catch them and beat them to that top spot.

Current League Titles: 1

Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
2 3 0
3 13 1
2 1 0
1 0 0
3 2 0
0 0 0
2 1 0

League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
4 6 2 3 1 8 7

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
05-12-2018 19:00 AftershockHome
12-12-2018 19:00 Silver FoxesHome
19-12-2018 19:00 Harvey BearsAway
02-01-2019 19:00 Frozen CrownAway
09-01-2019 19:45 Stanley’s CaskHome

Upcoming matches

Date Team Location Result
16-01-2019 19:45 AftershockHome