So Last night saw the final games of our Monday League for this season. With the End of League tournament in just 2 weeks’ time we already can’t wait for next season.

A few friendlies taking place to get the new teams joining the league a taste of what the Monday Night League is about. Borussia Teeth came up against Karius2Glory and gave them a very, very good game only losing 9-3. Football Friends faced other newcomers Parkfield Legends. Football Friends looking like an extremely decent side coming into the new league by beating Parkfield 19-1, are they the team to beat in division 2 next season?

We had 2 league games last night too, a second place deciding game between The Soccer Dome and Class on Grass, and then Hakuna Mo Salah came up against bottom of the League Phoenix.

The first of the two games was Class on Grass against The Soccer Dome. Now Class on Grass have had a brilliant season, starting off as the underdogs and being bottom of the league after 4 games. Manager Ste Teale has recruited and recruited and has now got his team up to 3rd place. The last time these 2 teams met The Soccer Dome won in landslide. The first 10 mins of the game was very much equal drawers, until Ste Teale bagged the opener. They got a quick second, until The Soccer Dome got one back through Andy Reid. With 10 mins to go Class on Grass were 5-2 up and still looking goal hungry. They quickly bagged a 6th in a controversial decision over a moving ball from a free kick. However The Soccer Dome pushed on and in the dying minutes they bagged themselves 3 more goals but just couldn’t find that equaliser. Class on Grass finish the Season in 2nd and The Soccer Dome 3rd, a fantastic first season for both teams, these are 2 teams to keep an eye on next season.

And the Last League game of the night, Hakuna Mo Salah against Phoenix the Flames. Hakuna have been 2nd throughout this season, however some slip ups in the past month have seen Hakuna drop down to 4th. In the first 5 mins of the game Phoenix bagged the first goal. Hakuna were quick to react with an equaliser. However Phoenix was even quicker to retain their lead back by scoring the next 2 goals. Hakuna managed to bag just one more goal, until Phoenix showed them what they were made of by having the last 15 minutes of their lives, finishing off the game at 8-2. In a tale of 2 stories this game turned out to be Hakuna having an extremely poor game and Phoenix having their best game yet. Unfortunately even having the best game they could possibly have Phoenix still unable to move from bottom of the League. MOM of the game was Ale Reid for Hakuna.

We already cannot wait for the new season in 3 weeks’ time.

And another night of brilliant fixtures on this fine fantastic Monday Evening this week. Phoenix Flames pull off an outstanding 9 all draw with Xavi Dodgers, Paris Ganja Man prove why their top dogs in the Monday League in a 15-1 thriller against The Seacombe View, The Soccer Dome back to winning ways in an 11-6 victory over Karius and Class on Grass bag their first win in weeks over The Flask.

First up we have Xavi Dodgers against The Flask. Xavi Dodgers come in to this fixture of two back to back wins over The Soccer Dome and Hakuna Mo Salah, and they are looking to keep up this unbeaten streak. Phoenix the Flames however, although sitting bottom of the table, have recruited some more players, come in to this fixture after only holding Paris Ganja Man (The League Leaders) to a 6-4 win. This is bound to be a brilliant to kick start the night. An boy were we right, Phoenix started the game off and take the lead with not 1 not 2 but 5 goals, yes that’s right a 5 goal lead after 10 mins. After 15 mins Xavi had brought the game back to 5-5. After this point the game ended up very much end to end with both sides playing some fantastic football. Player of the match was Tyler Gratton which was thoroughly deserved bagging himself 5 goals.

Next up was The Seacombe View and Paris. Now although The Seacombe View started the league quite slow, the past couple of weeks they have really started to find their feet and won 4 out 7 games (not too bad for a first season). However they have a tough test here tonight against top of the league Paris. Paris also bringing back one of the original players Jake Clarke, this definitely is going to be a tough test for The Seacombe View. The game pans out pretty much as it says on paper, a Paris Ganja Man walkover, a completely one sided game. Even though Paris absolutely dominated the game from start to finish, they never make a huge scoring win boring, they always make sure their games and their football is brilliant to watch and they did that tonight. At least The Seacombe View was able to get a consolation goal, and the only negative Paris can take is that they didn’t keep a clean sheet which they could have very well done. Karl Barker was MOM in this game for pitch perfect performance.

Next up for the night sees The Soccer Dome up against Karius2Glory. Now the last time these 2 teams met Karius came out as top dogs and proved to be the Soccer Dome’s bogey team. And within the first 5mins we thought this fixture was going to go the same way as The Soccer Dome went 3-0 down. However, 5 mins later The Soccer Dome had not only equalised but where 5-3 up. Could they bag a win here? An extremely solid performance from The Soccer Dome all game after a shaky first 5 mins and they came out on top showing that they do really mean business in this league beating Karius 11-6. Mom goes to Ale Reid who bagged herself a hat trick. Shout out also to Karius’ keeper Jay Caine, who, if it wasn’t for him The Soccer Dome could’ve really annihilated Karius.

And Finally, Class on Grass faced The Flask being the last fixture of the evening. Class on Grass are having a stable first season this season, bagging themselves a few cheeky wins but also throwing away a few games. On paper The Flask are by far the strongest team going into this fixture. However boy where we wrong… Class on Grass from the start to the final whistle, where by far the better side! Ste Teale banging in goals like no tomorrow and his dad Peter Teale doing his bit the other end stopping all the Flasks shots. A fantastic performance throughout by Class On Grass and by far their best performance in The Monday League yet! It won’t be long until they are sitting in the top half of the table!

On paper this was a very one sided game, but boy where we wrong!

Top of the league Paris Ganja Man were set to face bottom of the league Phoenix the Flames. In recent games we know Paris can beat teams in double figures so on paper this is a very easy game for themselves and a banked 3 points to add to their tally.

Game started off extremely slow for Paris, and it’s noticed star man Karl Barker is missing from the line-up… can Phoenix use this to their advantage. Phoenix surprisingly go 1-0 up with a superb strike from Jordan Walker which takes Paris by surprise. The next couple of minutes see Phoenix retaining a lot of the possession and showing real hunger in this game.

It’s not long though before Paris gain one back and it’s now equal terms with finesse finish from Zac Clarke. Not their usual skilful selves Paris but they still manage to bag another from Zac Clarke, Paris now 2-1 up. Phoenix still giving their all and putting 100% into this fixture and a lovely finish from Tyler Gratton makes it 2-2. 10 minutes in this a superb game already.

 Paris get another 2 one from Hammo and another from Azza Cairns paris are now 4-2 up. This lead sees a change in keeper for Paris and Karl Graham getting himself a run out whilst Hammo does his goalkeeper duties. This pulls off for Karl Graham as he bags himself 2 goals within 5 mins. It’s now 6-2.

However even though Paris have much better shape 2 poor mistakes cost them 2 goals by Jordan Walker again. He really has been on form for Phoenix tonight. Karl Graham decides he needs to go back in goal incase more dramas occur, and what a decision this was as the last 5 mins saw Phoenix really going for it, if it weren’t for Graham in goal its quite possible Paris could’ve lost. That being said this win for paris just goes to show how good they are, they can bag 3 points whilst not playing their best!

What a superb Monday Night Fixture.

We had some fantastic fixtures again here on Monday Night (18.2.19). The Seacombe View continued their winning streak against runners up Hakuna Mo Salah, The Flask had a fantastic result against Karius2Glory and New Atletico keep  getting better and better every week.

First game of the evening was young’uns versus young’uns. Newbies New Atletico were facing the ever improving Phoenix The Flames. What a game this looks like on paper ey? First 10 minutes of this game both teams were very evenly matched. New Atletico currently sitting 3rd in the Monday League table and only losing 2 out of 8 games is a brilliant little run for themselves especially with it being their first season. Phoenix The Flames come into this game looking for their first win since they annihilated Karius2Glory 10-2. Phoenix The Flames gave this game a real good go, however this game was very one sided as New Atletico were just far too skilful. New Atletico walk away with a brilliant 9-1 victory and another 3 points to add to their tally.

The Flask faced an improved Karius2Glory side. The Flask having a brilliant run in the Monday League at the minute coming in to this game from a fantastic victory over Xavi Dodgers and beating them 9-7 after trailing behind. Karius2Glory come into this fixture searching for a victory since 7th January when they beat The Soccer Dome 11-6. Having recruited new players it was looking like Karius could give The Flask a real good game. However this game was very much one sided. The Flask came out victorious in a brilliant 16-2, was very much goals galore with them. Each of them bagging more than one goal for themselves, Lee McKeown being the star of the show bagging himself 6 goals in this fixture and MOM, we all know where the match ball went after this game don’t we? Karius however did bag themselves 2 consolation goals coming from Adam Wilson and Scott Elliot.

And the final fixture of the evening was definitely the fixture of the night! Hakuna Mo Salah against The Seacombe View. The Seacombe View comes into this fixture with a tonne of confidence after their first win last week in the Monday League. Hakuna Mo Salah, who we all know are very, very strong side, are definitely going to give Seacombe View a tough test this evening. Game started off very unsurprising with a goal from Hakuna Mo Salah in the first minute! Is this going to be a long night for the Seacombe View? No, as they very quickly equalise.  However instead of bagging another goal Hakuna then concede not 1 but 2 goals. “Oh Dear this is going to be a bad day at the office”. Hakuna just falling apart as the game goes on, leaving the keeper wide open at all times as they search for 2 equalising goals. Hakuna get the 2 goals they need and it is now 3-3, we know from experience when Hakuna get 2 goals in a row the goals just keep coming and coming for them. But in this case the goals kept coming for The Seacombe View, they reward themselves with 3 goals, it’s now 6-3. With 5 minutes to go all Hakuna can get are 2 goals which are not enough, if they had 5 extra minutes it would have been a victory for Hakuna. The Seacombe View have definitely found their feet now and are playing some brilliant football, are these going to be the team to beat next season? Hakuna as we know will come back bigger and stronger next week and continue this brilliant season they are having.

Join us next week for all things Monday League!

Yes that’s right we are back with our weekly blogs!

What a way to come back with the fixtures we had on Monday (11/2/19). Paris Ganja Man proved why they are top of the league and why they are 5 times Monday Night League champions “They’ve Won It 5 Times, They’ve Won It 5 Times, In The Dome They Won It 5 Times”, how Hakuna Mo Salah are having their best season yet and how newcomers The Seacombe View are starting to find their feet in the league.

First game of the night was Paris Ganja Man against NEW Atletico. NEW Atletico another new team to have entered our Monday Night League, and my aren’t they putting their own stamp on the league?! Currently sitting mid table with 3 wins and only 3 losses, they aren’t doing half bad considering it’s their first season. However this game was always going to be a tough one, New comers against the Champions. First 10 mins was very much equal boards and looking like a brilliant game of football. However experience just edged here this game, with Karl Barker on form and bagging himself 4 goals, Karl Graham playing an absolute blinder in goal with his cat like saves, and Zak Clark just being an absolute Hench at the back. New Atletico give them their due give Paris Ganja Man a brilliant game.  Not a very high scoring game, so New Atletico can take that away from the game, as we all know Paris are fond of the double figure games. An 8-3 victory to Paris means adding another 3 points to their tally. However New Atletico are a definite team to watch in this league.

Second fixture of the night was between Hakuna Mo Salah and Phoenix The Flames. Now Phoenix The Flames are into their second season with us and are improving week in week out! Hakuna Mo Salah are currently having their best season yet on 9 wins and just 2 losses they are sitting comfortably in 2nd place and are looking to snatch the title off Paris Ganja Man. The Game started off in Phoenix The Flames’ favour as they went 1-0 up. However this lead didn’t last long as Hakuna quickly equalised with a brilliant strike from the birthday boy of the night CJ Sutton. However 5 mins later an absolute shocker happened… Phoenix won a free kick on the halfway line with Hakuna’s keeper shouting “stand on it” as the phoenix player had perfect sight of goal. Hakuna’s new draft in goes to actually stand on the ball (Oh dear, this fixture could be heading south for Hakuna). Phoenix score the free kick with an absolute bullet shot to the top left corner, Phoenix are now 2-1 up. Hakuna still looking for the equaliser and they find it with another CJ Sutton spectacular before he subs himself off asif to say “job done from me boys it’s your turn now”. After Sutton’s equaliser there was no stopping Hakuna now as every shot they had turned into goals, Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now must’ve been playing in their minds. In the dying moments of the game Phoenix the Flames gained a consolation goal for themselves but it doesn’t change the result and Hakuna Mo Salah come away from the fixture in a comfortable 8-3 victory.

And the final fixture of the night was between the other newcomers The Seacombe View against Class On Grass who are also newbies to the league this season. On paper this was looking like it was going to be a great game of football to finish a fantastic Monday Night of football. Class on Grass are coming into this game after beating second place Hakuna Mo Salah last week 8-3 and really starting to play some nice football. The Seacombe View comes into this game searching for their first win of the season. The game started off just how we expected, very very close. However after 10 mins into the game it was clear to see which of the 2 teams turned up and who wanted the victory more. Looking at the league table you would say this was Class On Grass, but it actually The Seacombe View. Yes that’s right The Seacombe had their first victory on Monday Night. You can see it in the papers now can’t you, Seacombe Ferry Terminal shut down due to celebrations of this victory, it’s like they’ve won the league isn’t it. But no taking matters seriously The Seacombe view played the better football in this game which will give them a massive massive confidence boost going into their next fixture. Class on Grass however we know this was just an off day as they can play some unbelievable football, and plus they have the top goal scorer in the league in the team, Ste Teale who in 9 games has scored 32 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo eat your heart out son!

That’s all from our first blog back, stay tuned till next week we’re we catch you back up all things Leagues. Just call us Soccer Dome Catch Up Tv.